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Dragon Clinic – Salcombe

Salcombe Community Acupuncture

Spring Greetings,

The Salcombe clinic had to close at the end of September last year but we are still here.

We hope you are well, but if you require further Acupuncture help or Chinese Herbs, we are available in Chillington, not too far from Salcombe.

Though we haven’t organised a new multi-bed clinic as was our hope. We are able to offer one-to-one treatment at a reduced rate of £31 for our ex-Salcombe patients (for up to 4 treatments, after that it will be full price). To take advantage of this offer please ring either:


Antoinett Bruin – 07886 036102
Michael Pringle – 07800 594452

We wish you all the best,


Cliff HouseWe opened at the beginning of July 2015, to proved affordable acupuncture in Salcombe. . Appointments are forty minutes to an hour with new patient taken by each practitioner every twenty minutes.

The clinic is run by two experienced practitioners, Antoinett Bruin and Michael Pringle, we are full members of the relevant professional bodies and follow their code of ethics. You will usually have the same person as your main practitioner each time.

Prices are: First appointment £40, all follow on appointments £20 (with a 10% discount for Salcombe and Malborough residents). Herbal medicines are the cost of the herbs  (approximately £12 per week) plus a £10 writing and dispensing fee. Repeat prescriptions cost £5 dispensing fee plus the cost of the herbs.

take-pulse800x250If you have any questions please use the contact page or phone us on the numbers below.Handicapped_Accessible_Sign_clip_art_small
We will also have a time for tea and discussion from 3.00 till 3.30pm each Wednesday afternoon.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you back to true health.

Dragon Clinic – Salcombe Community Acupuncture © 2015 Antoinett Bruin 07886 036102 & Michael Pringle 07800 594452