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Antoinett Bruin and Michael Pringle founded the Dragon Clinic, originally in Salcombe and now in Chillington, to provide a real alternative health care to the community.

This is still our aim. We are here to deliver another way. We think this is urgently needed as all too much of what passes for medicine is based on the fractured understanding that the the body is inherently broken and is not capable of self repair. This is blatantly not the case or life would not have got this far in its evolution.

It is our experience as Chinese medicine practitioners, with many years experience, that health is a natural state, illness is not arbitrary, meaningless or an accident of birth or genetics. Illness and recovery are natural and part of life. It is about the balance and self regulation of life, this regulation is meaningful and can be understood, worked with and helped not to be too extreme.

We use acupuncture, tuina – Chinese massage, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation and dialogue to help you re-find your trust in your own process and to reconnect with your innate wisdom to return to health and find meaning in your life.

If you want to know more, make an appointment or ask a question please use the contact form, go to our individual web sites by clicking on the name below or phone us:

Antoinett Bruin 07886 036102
Michael Pringle 07800 594452